Ionut Neagu, fundador e CEO da Theme Isles

Temas e negócios no Meetup WordPress do Porto

A criação de temas para WordPress e o seu negócio serão os temas do próximo Meetup WordPress Porto. Ionut Neagu, fundador e CEO da ThemeIsles, é o convidado desta sessão.

Em foco vão estar os sinais enviados pelos utilizadores sobre as suas preferências para os temas e as opções da equipa de revisão de temas do WordPress.

No meetup, Ionut Neagu irá falar sobre a sua história, de como enfrentou os intensos desafios de gerir uma empresa do setor que regista uma significativa quebra de receitas de um dia para o outro e assim permanece durante diversos meses.

Ionut Neagu é ainda CEO do CodeinWP.

O meetup será em inglês.

Está agendado para a última quinta do mês, 30 de Março, 19h00. Será no espaço de formação JustForm, em Matosinhos.

Como sempre, a participação é gratuita. Pede-se apenas a informação de presença na página do evento no

Assuntos em análise

Theme, be my everything!
While people in the community and Team Review Team are trying to push towards themes that are mainly a collection of styles for WP core functions + some other plugins in order to keep a level of consistency and allow users to easily switch themes the current state of the industry is very very different.

According to Google Trends when people want to build an auto website for example or any kind of functionality based site, they aren’t looking for a :

“submission plugin + ecommerce plugin + listing plugin + a theme compatible with all 3”, they are rather searching for an “auto WP theme”, what this shows is that users are expecting from the theme developer to deliver the complete experience, they are not expecting it from x plugin or not even from WordPress, but from the theme developer.


How losing 50% of your revenues influence you and your business
From 120k/month to 40k/month is a big change for a business, going through this in the past half an year I have realised that is something that people aren’t talking about enough, how is to run a 50% smaller business, or to get a 50% less salary? How this will affect your morale, your career and most importantly how your team is also affected by working for a much smaller company, maybe with some financial in-security ? Should you share this with the team or this will just scare them off ?


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